Bulk Update Product SKU with CSV

This article is for you if, after importing your eBay listings to Rapid Order, you found that the SKU column in the Unassigned Products page is blank or doesn't contain the correct product SKU/ASIN.

To solve this, you can export a CSV file from your existing repricing software tool and then import this into Rapid Order, so that the SKUs are imported correctly.

You will need to create a CSV file with 2 columns. The first column will contain the eBay Item ID and the second column will contain the Amazon ASIN.
For example:
Row 1: 239847329847, B012312S
Row 2: 298983479879, B012323C

Once you have the CSV file, you can upload it here:

This page will allow you to update your unassigned products so that you can place your orders with Rapid order.

Please note: You may need to perform these steps every time you add new listings to eBay. 

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