Importing Products from eBay

In this article we will cover the steps required to import your eBay listings into your Rapid Order member account.

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Preparing your listings in eBay

Once products are imported into Rapid Order, they need to be assigned to a Supplier. In order to be able to do this, you need to ensure, that the Custom Label field in eBay is enabled in your eBay Active Listings page. Below are the steps of how to do this:

Active Listings Page

Go to the "Active Listings" page in eBay

Click Customise

Click on the  Customise link at the top right of the page as shown below

Click on Custom Label

Click on the "Custom Label" option and then press "Apply" to save changes as seen below:

New Column

You will then see a new column appear like this:

Add Amazon ASINs

If the custom label field for your eBay listings are showing [Add] then click on the [Add] link and add the Amazon ASIN for the product which is being sold. To find the Amazon ASIN, go to the Amazon website and search for it using the title of the product. Once you have found it, you can copy the ASIN code from the URL of the product page as shown below:

Complete Preparation

Once you have added all the missing ASINS in the Custom Label field, you can proceed to 'Importing products into Rapid Order'. 

Importing products into Rapid Order

Now that you have prepared your products in eBay, you can import them into your Rapid Order member account. To do this, please follow the below steps.

Unassigned Products Page

In your account, navigate to PRODUCTS > UNASSIGNED PRODUCTS

Import Products from eBay

On the page, click on the button 'Import Products from eBay' in the upper right hand corner.

The import will now start automatically. Once the import has been completed, all your products will appear on the same page. 

Please note: You MUST assign the products to a supplier to activate them for Auto Ordering. CLICK HERE and follow the steps to assign products to a supplier.

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