Importing Listings from eBay

In this article we will cover the steps required to import your eBay listings into Rapid Order.

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Why do listings need to be imported?

When a customer places an order on eBay, Rapid Order detects the order, but it needs to know which supplier to use to place that order.

For this to happen, your eBay listings first need to be imported into Rapid Order and for each listing, we need to know the corresponding supplier product SKU.

How are listings imported into Rapid Order?

When you first connect your eBay account to Rapid Order, we will import all of your listings. This usually takes a few minutes.

We will also check your eBay account once every hour to check if there are any new listings added.

You can also force a check to be made at any time by using this button on the Unassigned Products page. The import will now start automatically. Once the import has been completed, all your products will appear on the same page. 

What to do once listings have been imported

Once your listings have been imported into Rapid Order, they will appear in the "Unassigned Products" tab like so:

The next step is to ASSIGN those products to a supplier. Click here to read the article on how to do just that.

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